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Simpler, cheaper insurance quotes: RATESDOTCA

For this project, I was part of a team at Say Yeah that was consulting on creating more intuitive ways for consumers to get comparison quotes on automotive and home insurance products for Kanetix (Now RATESDOTCA).

We helped the team define their new UI and design system for a forthcoming rebrand to Rates.ca, and better align the product with their goals for their internal insurance brokerage.



My Role

October 2019-February 2020

Kanetix Ltd: client of Say Yeah!

Matt Rintoul: Director of Product Design

Kate (me): Designer and Researcher
Product designer working on UI screens and flows


The Challenge

Getting a new insurance plan can be a confusing process for consumers.

How might we encourage users to follow through on getting a quote and purchasing a plan?

Mobile-first design

Although this application would be used across web and mobile, we prioritized mobile based on analytics data. Each screen was designed deliberately for mobile and desktop, with changes to aspects like the progress indicators to best adapt to each breakpoint.

The UI has assumptions, shown here, that involve a default answer to the form questions being pre-selected for the user.The quote results page shown on mobile and desktop.

A clearly defined journey

Throughout the process of applying for a quote, the user can see the car progress down the path of the quote application.

This UI element functions to keep them informed of their progress and what's required at each stage.

Nuanced interface changes for increased retention

Making users aware of system defaults

Throughout the app, there are defaults for the most common selections to help users get through the forms more quickly. With this new design, we surfaced these to the user, and explained what a default is, rather than hiding the reasoning for selecting these defaults.

The UI has assumptions, shown here, that involve a default answer to the form questions being pre-selected for the user.

Supports and tips without exiting the quoter

To avoid a complex and hard to parse help section, we included tips and hints in-line in the form flow, to guide users in deciding what selections to make for their quote. This way, we could also minimize how much they were being pulled out of their workflow to look for information.

A tip involving saving with winter tires is shown next to a relevant form question in the insurance quote application.

The new app's launch

In July 2020, the app successfully launched with the new RATESDOTCA brand, and the transition from the old Kanetix interfaces was complete.

The rates.ca logo is shown alongside the old Kanetix logo

Key takeaways & challenges

  • Micro-interactions, despite their name, can be a big help in retaining users through an often-complex process like a quote application
  • Informing users of why information is being asked for at each stage is critical to the user's trust of an app they may be using for the first time
  • A strong interface can adapt to a new brand identity or use case without major issues in functionality or visual appeal. This was our guiding light during the later phases of the project.
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